Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Canadian Laughing Championship

Albert Nerenberg

The search is on for the most contagious laugh in CANADA
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Most contagious Canadian will be revealed in this upcoming Canadian Laughing Championship.
Laughing Championships are contests of contagious laughter where entrants go head to head and the most contagious laugher wins.
A number of live Laughter Championships have already been held around the world, including The American, French, Czech, Irish and Slovenian Laughing Championships.
Oddly, the Pandemic has made it easier to hold Laughing Championships as the costs of bringing together contestants has been dramatically reduced by ZOOM.
The concept of Laughter Championships was developed by Laughologist, Albert Nerenberg while watching a mixed martial arts fight where he saw violent opponents break into involuntary fits of laughter.
If punching people in the face can be regarded as a sport, then why not create a sport about elevating human joy?
This is a dark winter for many Canadians with the current Pandemic raging. This is a safe way to spread contagious joy and happiness despite it all.
Albert Nerenberg

Contestants compete in a series of laughter challenges, including the Diabolical Laugh, Belly Laugh and the Snort Laugh, until one contestant is left standing, or laughing. They will then be named Canadian Laughing Champion 2021.

The Canadian Laughing Championship
Saturday, January 30 at 6:00pm on ZOOM
As part of this Laughter Yoga Canada Conference

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