Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Christopher Simeone

Montreal, Quebec

Christopher Simeone. If you don't see him, you will hear him. Winner of the most contagious laugh in Montreal in 2014, Chris's laugh will bring you to your knees... and you'll most possibly piss your pants along with gaining sexy ABS.
Chris is a behaviour specialist and laughter teacher. For over 13 years he has worked with children and youth with special needs. These varied from all spectrums. During this time, he learnt that the best thing he can ever do for these young lives, is give them the best 7 hours he can provide. Learning new skills/knowledge,  playing games and just enjoying the moments is what Chris would provide them. When he learnt about laughter yoga, it was a game changer. 
In 2014 he became a laughter leader and in 2018 he became a laughter teacher. But since his first interaction with laughter yoga, he felt there was more. When he learnt about the body - mind connection, he saw his path and so he went on a journey. Instead of going out into the world, he went into his mind, body and spirit.
With his already impressive set of knowledge in behaviour when it comes to brain functions, social concepts and emotions, he dived into laughter with a scuba suit.
What he found will revolutionize laughter yoga. That's right, now your left is feeling left out. LOL
He found the link between laughter and humour. This combination when working together is called the nervous laugh. An untapped resource Chris found mining in himself, yes there was an imaginary shovel, explosives and bulldozers. Did it hurt? Yes, but the ABS were worth it. 
Laughter is the act of laughing.
Humour is the state of your perception on how you view the world, this is called your own individual philosophy. Once these are combined at the most magnified level, all can be finally sen with a genuine laugh which is your own personal 'contagious laugh'. 
How do you defeat a contagious virus? With a contagious laugh!
Let's start 2021 understanding the most under-appreciated laugh - Our nervous laugh.

email: christophersimeone@hotmailcom