Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Presenter - Saturday - Morning

Fanny Rire - Montreal, Quebec

Fanny is a Laughter Yoga Leader. A theatre graduate, she uses her sacred flame to energize her laughter sessions. She has done these sessions for companies, communities and for patients in hospitals.

She was a host for many years at the Montreal Laughter Club. She also collaborated with and hosted Skype Laughter Club Canada and facilitated free Laughter Sessions during the first wave of Covid pandemic at Urgence Rire.

At the 2014 Montreal Laughter Championship, she won the Sexiest Laugher award. This was when Fanny realized how special her laugh really was.

She also realised how much joy her laugh can provide others. Fanny then travelled to Quito (Ecuador) along with Patch Adams and his team. Her experience there as a therapeutic clown opened her eyes to her life mission: to facilitate joy for others through laughter - one beautiful, love enriched laugh at a time.