Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Jeannine Carman

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Speaker on Saturday Daytime program

Jeannine Carman was introduced to Laughter Clubs in 2004 and was immediately hooked on the benefits of laughter such as: lightening mood, calming the mind and relaxing the body. She was one of the first class of Laughter Yoga Leaders to be certified in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2005. In February 2019, Jeannine became recipient of the Laughter Ambassador award from Dr. Madan Kataria in recognition of her dedication to the practice and commitment to her community values.
Jeannine leads various laughter sessions and provides Laughter Yoga presentations and workshops for family reunions, businesses, corporations, conferences, organizations and schools.
In addition, Jeannine participated in an opera of Laughter on the popular Laughter CD 'Ha' - created to enjoy spontaneous laughter at home, in the car or office.
She genuinely believes that world peace begins with inner peace that each of us experience through laughter.
The lesson Jeannine has learnt from Laughter Yoga is 'Let It Go!!'