Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

 Liliana DeLeo - Montreal, Quebec

Founder of The Living Laughter Academy

Liliana DeLeo is the president and founder of The Living Laughter Academy. She is a teacher, motivator and game-changer!! She certifies students who want to become Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers! This provides them with the opportunity to teach themselves and others to take charge of their health and happiness.
Liliana has a strong background in the fitness and health field. In 2006 she became a Laughter Yoga Leader. While teaching Laughter Yoga, she met many who were scared, stressed and suffering. This was her calling to help people go from suffering to solace.
Later, in 2011 Liliana trained further to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and in 2017, a Master Trainer for Laughter Yoga International in Canada. She has been certifying people from all walks of life, who now work in their respective fields and communities as Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers.


call: 514- 575-2033

Liliana is also a member of Laugh Attack Productions
Laugh Attack Productions is the coming together of three Laughter Yoga professionals who, together, aim to grow the laughter movement and engage the laughter community in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and beyond. Master Laughter Yoga Trainers, Sylvie Dagenais-Douville and Liliana DeLeo, and Laughter Yoga Teacher Wendy Singer, pool their resources and many years of experience togehter to guide people of all types and needs. They regularly host event both online and in person. Together, they train new leaders and teachers to bring laughter to their communities and support them post-training in their laughter journeys. look out for Laugh Attack Productions' conferences, specialized laughter sessions, and mega trainings.
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