Laughter Yoga Conference 2021
Saturday Daytime - Special Presentation - 11:15am to 11:45am

 Smile and Sing Session

Mellika Nina Meskine

Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Voice and Inspiration Coach

'Life is a song - sing it'

"Smile and Sing Session" with Mellika Nina Meskine, Artist and Coach
German based artist and coach, Mellika is not only a radiant singer/songwriter but also an uplifting voice and inspiration coach, utilising Laughter Yoga to allow people to free their voice, and on the way, free their mind, body and soul to access a world imbued with compassion, friendship and peace.
Mellika Meskine is an established figure in the German music scene, who has participated in a number of large-production musical events, while working with many of the most highly successful artists and vocal coaches in the business of creating music.
Today she joins us to share her inspiration and skills with everyone.

Photos: Lilly Breininger


 social media: @mellikamusic