Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Salimah Kassim-Lakha

Toronto, Ontario

Presents on Saturday at 3pm

YogaVision Centre's Director, Salimah is an innovative thought leader, a spiritual explorer and technology junkie. Salimah lives in Toronto, with her loving and supportive family.
As a Yogi and Yoga Therapist, Salimah has travelled and taught internationally using the technology of Kundalini Yoga to lead, heal, teach and transform. Salimah specializes in Kundalini Medicine - offering Kundalini Yoga as a healing practice for all ages and stages of life. She has pivoted from owning a Yoga studio to teaching and consulting exclusively online. 
Her offerings now include online yoga and meditation classes, numerology consultations and Online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Her classes are described as impactful, uplifting and loving explorations of movement and breath.

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