Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Tiffany Caudill

California, USA

Tiffany Caudill is a Dementia caregiver, home herbalist and entrepreneur, with 20 years career experience in child development/preschool teaching and holds certification as Yoga instructor (200-hour level) with minor in trauma therapy.
Tiffany first started practicing yoga in 1991 and through her career years as a young child educator, always implemented yoga as an exercise, as well as games of play and laughter through the children's curriculum.
Laughter Yoga was formally introduced to her in 2014 during a yoga certification program. In 2019 she began to look for a teacher to be Laughter Yoga certified and found Linda Hamm with Laugh My Angst Off in Sacramento, California. She is currently in process of completing her training online via ZOOM platform, and soon to be certified to teach this year.
How laughter has helped me and how I use it today.
Metaphorically, laughter has given me a free pass. Like a Monopoly game, collecting $200 when I pass GO, sort of feeling. It has given me a more positive attitude within the confines of isolation due to working with Alzheimer and current day situations. It helps me balance the end-of-life circumstances in my caregiving. Even though these are the ending days of my client's life, laughter is still there, and laughter brightens both our spirits enough to still feel wanted and loved. So I have used laughter to quell the darkness a bit and to understand that, even though there is not much life left for her, there is still a life to live. When the light is green, I'm going to begin using Laughter Yoga in adult day-care centers, memory care facilities, with school agers and veterans. Laughter is going to heal the world, one ho ha at a time!

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