Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Wendy Singer - Montreal, Quebec

Wendy Singer is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter Ambassador and Laughercize Party and Workshop Leader. She is the founder and leader of LaughterFIT Meetup, Montreal's English Laughter Club, which has been joyfully meeting every Saturday at 1pm Eastern Time for nearly six years, either in the studio or online. Wendy is the creator and facilitator of Laughter 101: No joke(s)! - a four week course designed to use laughter as a health and wellness tool. Wendy is the facilitator of Laughter FIT's; two-day Laughter Yoga Leader Certification training. She has witnessed the healing benefits of laughter on herself and countless other Laughletes, and is eager to share the simple, yet profound power of laughter with anyone willing to give it a try.
She has a special interest in sharing her experience of living with a chronic illness and how laughter has supported her in this journey. Wendy is also the Managing Editor of Inspirations Newspaper: Celebrating Inclusive Communities, and Quebec Coordinator for March of Dimes Canada. Wendy is interested in animating group events, health breaks, presentations on a variety of topics (ie. bringing more joy into your life, using laughter as a coping tool, especially in dealing with the daily grind of chronic illness and stress, unleash the laughter within), and will tailor your laughter event to your needs.

call: 514-268-0744
web: Montreal-Laughter-FIT-Meetup  or  Facebook-LaughFITMtl

Wendy is also a member of Laugh Attack Productions
Laugh Attack Productions is the coming together of three Laughter Yoga professionals who, together, aim to grow the laughter movement and engage the laughter community in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and beyond. Master Laughter Yoga Trainers, Sylvie Dagenais-Douville and Liliana DeLeo, and Laughter Yoga Teacher Wendy Singer, pool their resources and many years of experience together to guide people of all types and needs. They regularly host events, both online and in person. Together, they train new leaders and teachers to bring laughter to their communities and support them post-training in their laughter journeys. Look out for Laugh Attack Productions conferences, specialized laughter sessions and mega trainings.
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