Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Geert Van De Vijver


Geert Van De Vijver travelled to Paris in 2006 to take the course of Dr. Madan Kataria himself, for Laughter Yoga Teacher training. Since then, he has been presenting Laughter Workshops and Laughter Sessions in companies and at events, with SmileAt Work. His creative approach has been a booming success at companies such as Coca Cola, Ikea, Proctor & Gamble, General Motors, Nike, Unilever and so on ...
Moreover, Geert has appeared as a Laughter Coach on television shows in Belgium and Holland. He has also had the wonderful experience of appearing in, the now hugely successful, Coca~Cola commercial below, which has already been viewed by millions worldwide. 
With all this experience in my backpack, I was appointed by Dr. Madan Kataria personally, as Laughter Ambassador a few years ago.
My mission as Laughter Ambassador is to help people (re)discover their laugh and to stimulate
them to laugh more. I want to achieve that the participants leave my sessions with a happy feeling, embracing the power of the laugh.

Geert will be with us on Sunday, January 31 at 10am Eastern, to lead a 30 minute dynamic and uplifting Laughter Session. Please join us.