Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Michi Morioka

Japan and Nova Scotia, Canada

Michi Morioka is certified as Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, is also a Kripalu Yoga instructor, Let Your Yoga Dance instructor and is a Magatama (collective consciousness) therapist.
Born and raised in Japan, where the open-minded Western technology and science meets the traditional Eastern philosophy, Michi was always interested in how the human mind works. After being a Kripalu instructor for eight years, she discovered Laughter Yoga in 2011 - barely five months after the earthquake and tsunami destroyed a large part of northeastern Japan. In times of such devastation and confusion, feeling sad and depresses herself, Michi immediately and instinctively knew that Laughter Yoga can heal a lot of people.
She offers seminars and workshops where she combines Laughter Yoga with Kripalu Yoga, meditation, Eastern philosophy, developmental psychology, quantum physics etc. to remind, encourage and empower people to live their own lives no matter what happens.
Michi lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 2001 to 2007. She is registered as a permanent resident, and has been returning each year after moving back to Japan to provide Laughter Yoga training, reconnect with friends and maintain the positive connections she developed while living in Canada.
Canada is my second home and I feel special connection with my friends and the laughter yoga community there.
Michi Morioka