Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Shankari Claudia Zimmermann

Kiel, Germany

Shankari Claudia Zimmermann was born in Austria, where she started dancing at the age of three, and has been holding space for healing arts since 2007. She holds a degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology and is PhD Candidate in Scholar Medicine.
She started professionalizing her interests as a teenager, when she trained in various body/soul arts: highly qualified in multiple Yoga disciplines, dance and movement meditation, qi gong, laughter, nutrition, bodywork and thai massage therapies, cacao ceremonies, sacred feminine tao-tantric practices, acupuncture, breathwork, trauma body therapies, music, ayurveda and humoral based medical systems. She lived in India and Thailand while studying these Arts.
In 2006 Laughter Yoga entered her life when she trained with Dr. Madan Kataria in Interlaken, Switzerland, whereupon she founded a Laughter Club, led Laughter Yoga Leader trainings in Austria and even taught Laughter Yoga as a subject at the Viennese University, until she moved to Germany seven years ago to study Medicine.
One of Shankari Claudia Zimmermann's strengths is bridging science and spirituality. She recently organised and held the NEW YEAR World Laughter Celebration, a 3-day online event joining 21 nations and 36 speakers over New Year 2021.
Since May of 2020 she has been working hospital shifts, helping with the Pandemic and finalizing her last months of becoming a Medical Doctor. 
Driven by love for nature and animals as well as music, circus performing arts (think fire-shows), spices, herbs and flavours, you will also find her to be as crazy as swimming in the 4 degree Baltic Sea.