Laughter Yoga Conference 2021

Shiho Sato

Nagano, Japan

Presentation on Saturday Morning Program

Shiho Sato is a woman with determination to make a difference for the lives of those children who exist in all of us. A simple picture book could be one thing that can change a whole world.
Here is Shiho in her own words:
I'm Shiho Sato, a Laughter Yoga Teacher. So, I have been invited to lectures on Laughter Yoga at more than 600 locations around the world, including Japan, and have shared smiles with more than 50,000 people. And after 23 years in early childhood education, these children's worlds continue to be happy and they are focusing on activities that are wrapped in a lot of love. In 2018, Japan's first laughing yoga picture book 'Hohohaha' was born. The picture book was read aloud at the 2019 Australia Laughter Festival and was unveiled at the conference. It was a moment that I had looked forward to. I was keenly aware that child-rearing concerns are common throughout the world. 

In 2020, the Amazon Kindle English translation picture book was born. We hope that one picture book will create a society where everyone in the world can share and encourage each other with the joy of increasing smiles on their families. I hope all of you will reach out to everyone in the world who is looking for laughing happiness.
Shiho Sato.
As a footnote to the presentation from Shiho Sato - technical difficulties occurred on the Saturday morning program delivery for the Conference. Subsequently, the segment failed to include Shiho.
Here is the pre-recorded version included in its entirety:
Laughter Yoga Canada Conference 2021

Shiho Sato - Nagano, Japan


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Shiho Sato



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